Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wedding Card Box

I haven't posted something all week, it's been a little crazy here.  My step sister is getting married today and my dad is catering for the wedding and taking part so I've been with him and my step mom for the majority of the week helping with everything.  My step mom had asked me to create an elegant fall themed card cake box.  Couldn't really come up with a fall theme so we decided to go with the colors.  I have a ton of pictures to post but since today is the day this card box gets seen by about 150 people, I wanted to share.

The card cake box was made out of paper mache boxes that I picked up at ACMoore.  The acrylic paint was from My Studio and the color was Bittersweet Chocolate.  The ribbon and swarovski crystals came from Michaels.  The table wasn't finished yet but I wanted to take pictures before I had forgotten.
So that is it for now, I will be back tomorrow and post what I did the rest of this week.  I'll be working on projects tomorrow and doing some much needed relaxing.

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