Friday, November 5, 2010

Shopping Spree & Camera Trouble

So I can't seem to find the cord to my camera.  As soon as I can locate it, I will post some pictures of my recent projects.  In the meantime,  I will post some pictures of past projects that I did. I did some shopping a couple of days ago thanks to my lovely fiance.  To let everybody know, the new Call of Duty Black Ops video game is coming out on Tuesday and I think it was his way of getting me to not pay attention to the fact that I won't see him for days cause of this game lol.  So ladies beware, if your husband fiance boyfriend loves video games and loves the Call Of Duty series, you may not see him for days.  I live with my fiance so I guess that's nice, I'll just bother him in between games.  Anyways, I ordered from a couple of different places and I'm excited for my orders to come in.  I'm sorta new to Tattered Angels glimmer mist (like I just discovered the company a few months ago) and I realized that some of the old colors are absolutely lovely.  The old ones are insanely hard to locate and I've been having a hard time.  Thank goodness for EBay because I have managed to locate Snow Angel, Gingerbread, Sugar Cookie, and Spring Mint.  I've also managed to locate Lucky which is very rare and was only around for a very limited time.  If anybody is reading this, I'm asking for help.  I cannot find the following...Mistletoe, Snowflake, Holly Berry and Robin's Egg.  If anybody knows how to get a hold of these colors, please let me know.  So that's it for me rambling, I'm going to try and do a haul video and post on YouTube.  The next posting will be of my past projects.  Hope everybody has a great night and enjoy the weekend.

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