Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diaper Cakes & Towel Cake

So the first 3 pictures are of my first ever diaper cake that I made for my best friends' sister's baby shower.  The theme was Pooh so I was excited to create something.  I was so happy with my diaper cake that I decided to make a diaper bundle.

 The diaper bundle was created with newborn diapers, a receiving blanket, washcloths and newborn onsies.  More or less something for the new mommy to take with her to the hospital for her new little bundle of joy.  I got word from my best friend that her sister did not want to touch the bundle but eventually caved in and took it with her to the hospital.
 The Diaper Cake was a 4 tiered cake with Number 1 diapers, receiving blankets, pacifiers, socks, travel size accessories and a Pooh.  The cake was held together by a dowel rod and decorated with ribbons and the travel size accessories to cover up the rod.

The next two pictures are from a diaper cake that I made for a co-workers' friends' baby shower.  The theme was The Princess and the Frog and the colors were green and pink.
 The Diaper Cake was made with 3 tiers and Number 1 diapers, pacifiers, receiving blankets and socks.  A bottle is holding the tiers together.
 My co-worker wanted a very plain Diaper Cake created but I still wanted to give it that girly touch.  The socks were created to look like a flower bouquet and I think the tiara gave it a nice finished touch.

The last picture is of a Towel Cake that I made for my grandmother's birthday.  This was the first ever Towel Cake that I made.  It was created with a large towel and a washcloth.  Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path was also put into the cake.  A lesson learned, I wasn't thrilled with the sides coming out like that so the next time I did a Towel Cake I knew what I was doing.


2 Chicks on a Limb said...

OMG - I love your diaper cakes!!! My daughter and I made one back in August for a great niece - wish we had seen yours first for ideas - they're beautiful! Gotta send this link to my daughter Katie, aka Chick 2.


Nikki T said...

Oh thank you for your kind words. I love making them, they are so much fun and the possibilities are endless.